What the fuck is kik

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If you're over the age of 20, you most likely have never used Kik. The app — which is mostly popular among teens — has gained millions of users across the globe since it first launched in However, in a blog post from Sept. And since it's so popular, you're probably wondering, " why is Kik shutting down? Two years ago, Kik released a form of cryptocurrency called Kinaccording to TechCrunchand basically the Securities and Exchange Commission SEC is threatening to file a lawsuit against them for cutting corners in selling digital coins. And in the end, the brand decided they would rather focus on Kin, and completely shut down Kik.

Money-wise, this will ideally allow the company to get through the SEC trial without too much trouble. And in the end, they will reportedly be able to keep Kin up and running. Kik will reportedly have to lay off hundreds of people, ultimately downsizing to a person team. So far, the company hasn't specified an end date for the app, but it seems as though the end is near. Because the messaging app enables its users to send anonymous instant messages, Kik is often plagued by harassment and child abuseaccording to Forbes.

There have been several cases in which children have unknowingly communicated with older adults, exchanging photos and inappropriate messages. Earlier this year, the FBI seized an that had been running groups that had been generating illegal imagery.

Based on the company's blog post, it seems as though the brand is mostly focusing on increasing Kin's of users. According to the blog post, after making cuts, Kin's "one goal" will be to get "millions of people to buy Kin to use it. They plan to do this by increasing the cryptocurrency app's user base, and by making the app easier to use. So hopefully that works out for them, for the sake of its employees. After almost a decade of using Kik to connect with other users across the country, users are seriously devastated it's officially shutting down.

Take a what the fuck is kik at their reactions to the announcement, below. Kik pic. Well Fuck. RIP Kik. SaveKik pic. After a full nine years in business, it's officially time to wave "goodbye" to Kik Messenger. While I — personally — had no emotional ties to the app, it connected millions of users across the globe for almost an entire decade. Will society end up reverting back to good old AOL Instant Messenger, or will we simply continue using the ability to text and call every once in a while? Nobody knows where we'll go from here, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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What the fuck is kik

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Teens Are Devastated That Kik Is Shutting Down to Pursue Cryptocurrency