Tops bottoms and switches

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One perception that some people can have, looking into the scene from outside, is that people are either tops or bottoms. Either you like to dominate, or you like to be dominated.

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The facts are, everyone is different, and everyone has their own preferences. I personally greatly enjoy topping my girlfriend, and also greatly enjoy submitting to her.

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A switch can be a top in one scene and a bottom in another. Some people switch back and forth often; others switch only between scenes, but retain one role throughout any individual scene; others switch only very seldom with people that they trust very deeply; and still others never switch at all. Maybe you can have a wrestling match, and the person who gets pinned first will wind up being tied up. There are as many possibilities as your imagination can dream of! It is also the case that there is no necessary relation between whether someone is dominant or submissive in everyday life and whether they are a top or a bottom.

This, though, le into the next question…. Practice your poker skills for the next strip poker night! Is everyone either a top or a bottom? I want to attend a play party, what is the etiquette? How can I learn to be a good bottom? Why is SM taboo, and is SM criminal, unnatural, immoral, unethical, or unhealthy? I want to throw a play party, how can I go about it?

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English FAQ Is everyone either a top or a bottom? What are some basics of safe SM, emotionally and physically?

Tops bottoms and switches

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Is everyone either a top or a bottom? What’s a “switch”?