The best foot fetish

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The most common fetishism for non-genital body parts would be the fetish for the foot. Millions of humans have found a natural inclination towards the lower limbs, coveting it for its shape and curves. It is not a secret behind the closed door anymore.

If you have never heard of this before and want to analyze a few symptoms you think you may have experienced in the past, then read on. The list will showcase characters from films which have a sequence dedicated to foot fetish fans out there.

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You can watch several of these best foot fetish movies on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime. This comedy gangster flick has the lives of high rollers get entangled with lowlifes leading to a parade of situational comedy scenes. The film was not well received in spite of having a talent-heavy cast. The film has one scene, in particular, favoring the foot fetish fans where the character Arthur Herk — a wanted money swindler played by Stanely Tucci creepily advances on his housemaid, played by Sofia Vergara with the pretense of giving her a foot massage to eventually gulp the front of her foot into his mouth.

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The maid is seen startled by this bizarre activity and flees the scene. She slouches down on the couch after serving the drinks and teasingly keeps her feet right next to the glass.

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Consciously or not she moves her bare feet full of toe rings in a seductive manner at which Louis flashes a quick glance. Based on the acclaimed novel of the same name, the film uncovers a sinful relationship between an adolescent girl and her stepfather. The late Brittany Murphy starrer had a slasher plot, with a serial killer targeting virgins from the town of Cherry Falls. The movie thrives in sex and gore with one scene captivating us particularly.

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The same man who donned in the role of Gandhi, is seen in a much compromising bedroom sequence where he is offered a cigar by the voluptuous Cricket played by Heidi Mark in her bikini. Instead, he reciprocates the favor by sucking her toe to which she responds with a devious smile. The poetic film narrative covers the story of a traumatized WW2 survivor named Jakob Beer, who lives with ghosts of his past. Poignantly exploring Michaela Ayelet Zurerhe flows gently to settle on her toes as he nibbles on them almost translating sexual pleasure into the poetic unfolding of instinctual feelings.

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With the character Abernathy Rosario Dawson sleeping in the back seat with her feet resting on the frame of the back door glass, we see Stuntman Mike Kurt Russel touching her toes first and proceeding to smear them with his saliva. The sequence feels like the director teasing us by feeding on our hidden love for forbidden sensual pleasures.

Need we say more?

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Yes, the Salma Hayek sequence where she pours down a drink along her bare legs to the mouth of Tarantino as he drinks out of her toes. The scene is an iconic one for showcasing an almost naked Salma Hayek with a python coiled around her to add to the fiery sexual atmosphere.

She quickly snaps out of it and we see Annika continuing to massage her feet. Unable to comply with her calls, Ennis remains too impassive for Linda.

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He takes the front of her foot into his mouth and bites on it while simultaneously rubbing it with his hands. The sequence is short but has enough triggers to see the legends at their peak performances. Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest. Loading Comments Required Name Required Website.

The best foot fetish

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