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However, with each day women are dominating more and more. Sexiest tumblr pages, this means we also want to see ourselves in the porn we watch — and that can be hard to do with sites like Pornhub. Granted, Pornhub has a "porn for women" section, but it feels like even that's just not enough.

Who's even deciding which porn women will actually like? I hate how gross and masculine most porn is, which is why I seek out lesbian porn — it's just a softer genre overall. Plus, lesbian erotica seems to focus on the aspects of sex that many women care about, like foreplay and mutual pleasure.

In a nutshell, porn just doesn't generally cater to women, despite the great fight for equality in every area of life hmph! News flash: Women don't want to watch a minute blowjobamong other things geared more helping men get turned on. That's why blog sites like Tumblr are becoming the go-to place for women.

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They're filling the void for women who enjoy watching porn, with a more feminine touchand they're doing it pretty darn good. Many are curated by women Yes, women can be into any kind of porn and that's OK And if you haven't tried some of Tumblr's porn blogs, here are 10 just for women that will have you blocking Pornhub in no time. Some women are really into "money shots," this Tumblr will provide that plus a bunch of other raunchy images.

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If you're a take charge, boss of a woman then this was made for you. Watch men fall to their knees in submission and then some. Finding the line between art and porn really is difficult and now you'll be even more conflicted, as this is filled with sexy and tastefully done images of women. If erotic stories are more your speed, then this Tumblr is going to leave you with quite the happily ever after, as it's more text heavy than anything. Look to this for a wide variety of porn, with a little bit of this and that you're bound to find something you want.

If you're more into video than anything, this Tumblr will indeed live up to its name.

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Despite the name, Cunnilingeyes has intermittent ora sex clips throughout the — videos, gifs, and photos all for your pleasure. There's no one and I mean not one person who doesn't love boobs — they're an all around fun read: pleasurable body part. That said, this blog is filled with soft images of them from gifs to still-frame photos.

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This blog of hot, hot photos and gifs of crazy-gorgeous ladies sure to get you turned on the max. in. YourTango Experts. Photo: WeHeartIt. Kiarra Sylvester. It's a man's world or so that's what they keep trying to tell us. Lady Cheeky. Click to view 11 images. Aly Walansky. Read Later.

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10 Extremely Sexy Tumblr Sites For Women To Masturbate To