Sex via skype

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Depending on your preferences and personality, it could be super hot or an extremely awkward encounter. Phone sex is talking dirty to your partner over the phone. You do this through pacing — stretching out the pleasure and slowly building to the proverbial and literal climax.

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Teasing goes a long way. Try this if one partner is shy and the other is more of an exhibitionist.

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The non-masturbating person can watch passively or be more active by talking dirty. You can also control the action and give directions. Things like vibrators, masturbators, nipple clamps, magic wands, etc. Go wild! Better if both participants are comfortable with being on camera. Long distance sex toys aka Teledildonicsare devices that can be controlled via Bluetooth or a custom app. So, be prepared. The same principle and often companies that make the app-controlled toys also have the ability to function over long distances … but to each other. However the master toy moves, the controlled toy will react.

You can also switch it around, so the female toy is making the male counterpart react. Find pairable, interactive sex toys here:. No matter what you choose, remember to have fun! Sex, whether it's sex via skype real life or over Skype, should be enjoyable. Share in the comments! Need more inspiration?

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If you like music during, have a playlist or two ready — something that will help you get in the mood. Add a little extra. Additional visual stimulation is always a bonus. Try sexy clothes or layers so you can strip. Be Confident. KNOW you look good.

Confidence is sexy AF. Need more suggestions? Read on What can you do? Build tension. Neat, huh?

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Sex via skype

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