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I assumed it was looking at a picture and rating it If someone sends me a dick pic for me to rate what am i supposed to do and how much do you typically charge? The price varies and there are a lot of options. You could charge for just a rating, text rating, non nude rating, or full nude rating. You could ask their preference on the type of rating - humiliation, praise, or honest.

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In general when I do a rate - it makes it easier for me to break it down into and rate in each one length, girth, structure, appearance. Then I do an overall rating. Hey can I jump in here, a month later, and ask for an example as well?

Can I get an example too? I found it helpful to check the sex sells subreddit cause they have descriptions listed under their services and the prices. That should give you a good idea for cock rates!!

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Obviously its different for each person who sells, theres not like one general price or type of content offered. But click on various posts advertising cock rates and that should help! How much do you think is the good price for a video rating?

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I wanna try it but idk what price shoul i do. I was confused about how this had any monetary value.

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Of course, I fuck actual women. Wow thank you all so much for the help! I was about to post this question and figured I'd check if anyone else already did. And thankfully yall did!!! What exactly is dick rating? Need advice. Posted by 1 year ago. Sort by: best. Hope that helps! If you'd like an example just hmu.

Continue this thread. Videos take waay more time and cost a lot more ofc.

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I'm flabbergasted people pay for this kinda thing. More posts from the onlyfansadvice community. This is a community space for onlyfans creators, ran by onlyfans creators. Read the rules before posting. Please follow us on twitter onlyfansadvice. Created Apr 30, Top posts june 27th Top posts of june, Top posts Back to Top.

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