Pee fetish stories

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So, my boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year now. But before that, we were friends for 3 years. When we were friends, we never really talked about sex. I am pretty discreet and prude when it comes to talking about that kind of stuff with friends, so we never touched the subject. It was my boyfriend before he was my bf talking to his good friend about sex.

That was the moment I heard him confess to his friend that he had a pee fetish. I remember how intrigued I was. But I also knew I would have the guts to bring it up with him later on… so it ended up just being an intriguing sexual memory I had of him. Next time I heard about his fetish was about a year later.

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He told me he liked filming himself as he wet his pants. Although I knew about his fetish, I still was surprised when he told me this. After that, I had a hard time resisting the idea of picturing him wetting himself in my head. Fast forward. He decides to bring it up with me.

Do you think that maybe one night, we could have a few drinks and try and just hold in our pee? So, we decided pee fetish stories take things slow. I remember how exciting it was, and how excited it made him. Although I liked the experience, what ended up hooking me way the pleasure I got from him introducing me to it.

He was like my sexy teacher, desperate to see me pee on myself. So after that, the experiences kept coming. I peed in the shower for him, then I peed in my clothes in the shower. Next, I tried to pee on him at a hotel while we were making out in bed. As the excitement of him introducing me to this new thing died off, my interest for pee itself and the pleasure it brought me grew.

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I loved to feel like I was being soiled. Soiled in my pee, in his pee and in his cum. All three at the same time felt incredible. I loved holding it in for him, and I grew to love him holding it in for me. Another thing I love is the feeling of desperation. I hold it in so long now that sometimes I have an accident. When that happens, he pulls down my underwear, touches my warm pussy dripping in pee and fucks me raw until we both cum.

Sometimes, we take long walks when we have to pee and let a little trickle down our legs. I also have a gift for coming up with stories on the spot.

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Our next objective is to try to be able to pee while having sex. Thank you for guiding me through this step by step my love. I have some pretty great stories that are all nonfictional. Erotic Stories. I have never tried though would love to male hereif he eats you out whilst peeing and you orgasm some females can orgasm when peeing next. Which would be a hell of a bonus the next day.

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Pee fetish stories

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