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Q I would like your advice about my new boyfriend. He is 38 years old, a few years older than I am. I think he has been married before. I met him last year when I was in Miami for a few weeks. We get along very well and he agreed to come to Jamaica this year to see me. We did not have sex in Florida, but agreed to postpone it until our next meeting.

When he came to Jamaica, we had a great time, and the sex was very good. But I noticed one odd thing, doctor. He likes it when I lie on top of him, so that he could smack my buttocks while we made love. At the moment of orgasm, he would smack me very hard, but not enough to hurt me. I did not mind it because there was no ificant pain.

But as it got closer to the end of his visit, he changed it. To be honest, he wanted me to smack him. It was difficult, as my arms are not very long. But he had a 'cane' in his luggage which he gave me, and this encouraged me to hit him on the bottom while we were having sex. I did not object to this, especially as I was not the one getting hurt. So we parted in a loving way, and as we said goodbye at the airport he begged me to come to Miami to see him very soon.

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I talked this over with my mother and said that I would not mind marrying him. But she told me he was 'some kind of pervert'. She said that on no should I even think of getting married to him and that I should not even see him again.

A This is a difficult one. Very often the two go together, so a man may like giving and receiving pain. This appears to be the case with your new boyfriend.

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However, on the basis of what you have told me, it sounds like he is more of a masochist than a sadist. From yourit suggests that his main interest is in being hit, although he does have some interest in smacking you. Some psychologists and psychotherapists have tried to 'cure' it, but their efforts have not been very successful. One major obstacle is the fact that many of these men do not want to be cured. They feel perfectly happy as they are.

But, is it really? What if he wants you to beat him so hard that he bleeds, as some of these men like? You might not be able to cope with that. Also, there may be the danger that he might hurt you. So far, his slaps seems to have been fairly gentle. But if you find that he has any tendency to really hurt you, then you should tell him goodbye and get out.

I think it would be reasonable to meet him a few more times and see how things go. If he appears to be a gentle man, who just has a bit of a 'kink' about bottom-smacking, then you might let the relationship develop for a while. However, if you have any doubts, or feel frightened, then end it. There are a lot of men around, and most of them do not need to bring pain into the bedroom. Q I am a year-old man, but I do not know much about sex.

I met a woman who wants to give me fellatio. A: That can happen, but it is very unusual.

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Provided the woman knows what she is doing, you should be very safe. Q I have been on the pill for 25 years! Does this make me more susceptible to cervical cancer? A It does slightly increase your risk of carcinoma of the cervix, but you should be fine as long as you do regular pap smears.

Also, it is important to remember that the pill helps protect you against several types of cancer, namely womb cancer, ovarian and bowel cancer. Q I am a year-old uncircumcised man. In the last few months, I have noticed a kind of sore, raw place under the foreskin. Cancer of the penis is rare, but it does occur in men over 50, and it usually starts under the foreskin. That is why it is so important that all uncircumcised men wash under the foreskin carefully at least once per day. Keeping under the foreskin clean reduces the chances of cancer. Q I am 43, and lead an active sex life with my boyfriend, and occasionally with another man.

A Have you considered that you might be pregnant? I think you should do a pregnancy test right away. If it is negative, then it is possible that the absence of your period means that you are entering menopause. However, this would be unusually early, since the average age for menopause in Jamaica is 49 to Q I am a year-old man and now have a lovely new girlfriend, who is much younger than I am.

Men who like to spank women No, that would be a totally false assumption! There have been men who became fathers when they were approaching So please take care. View the discussion thread. Photo Video. What do you think, doctor? Is she right? So is your mother right? Should you refuse to see this man again?

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But could she hurt me or bite me? Could this be cancer? A Unfortunately it could. So you should see a doctor this week. Do not delay. I have not seen my period for three months. Can I assume that this is menopause? Can I safely assume that I could not possibly get her pregnant at my age? Q How soon after having a baby can I sex?

A Usually around six to eight weeks, but check with your doctor or midwife.

Men who like to spank women

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