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College of Optics and Photonics. Masunov - computational molecular and nanomaterials, theoretical chemistry and molecular physics Lei Zhai - nanoparticle-carbon nanotube composites Shengli Zou - metal nanoparticle and quantum dot interactions Nano at the Physics department Enrique del Barco - nanoscale quantum physics, molecular magnets Saiful Khondaker - electron transport properties of nanoscale materials Michael Leuenberger - theory; quantum optics, quantum cryptography, spintronics, opto-spintronics Eduardo Mucciolo - theoretical studies of electronic properties of nanostructures and low-dimensional systems Robert Peale - Mid-infrared plasmonics Talat Rahman - Nanoscale solid state physics, nanocatalysis Nano at MMAE Joe Cho MMAE nanofabrication and BioMEMS Kevin Coffey AMPAC magnetic nanoparticles and the materials science of nanostructured materials Jiyu Fang MMAE soft nanomaterials based on self-assembly of biological building blocks Sudipta Seal AMPAC synthesis, analysis, and applications of nanoparticles.

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