How to do a cum shot

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The most important muscles here are the PC muscles.

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A lot of our bodily functions depend on food consumption. Semen volume can easily be increased by focusing on specific foods.

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Fish or fish oil like fresh salmon and shellfish are especially. Additional zinc levels can be gained from other foods, such as oysters, beans, walnuts, chicken and beef. Having decent and solid overall health is a big part of this. One of his biggest tips is to eat celery. Celery is a water-based food and it liquifies the semen and increases its volume.

So, just grab lots and lots of celery and bite on that a few days before having intercourse or that same day.

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This was noted to have a profound influence on how far you can ejaculate. Also, steer clear of fast foods, processed foods and make sure to consume a lot of liquids like water — that helps big time. One of the simplest and quickest ways to help you ejaculate further is special supplements.

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Here are some of the best male enhancement supplements. Furthermore, you can also try out amino acid based supplements like lysine and carnitine, arginine, which are known to increase sperm volume.

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Keep in mind that these are all natural supplements that not only improve the range of your ejaculation but will also have a positive influence on the health of your prostate. They will, in turn, cause stronger erections, and that brings you one step closer to a more powerful ejaculation. A fine, healthy prostate le to more semen, consequently improving cum volume that you can shoot off farther away. Another common practice that can lead to cumming further is abstinence. Try toning down on that. Reduce the amount of sex. Try to postpone masturbation or sexual intercourse for say days, or even a full week.

For years now, Kegel exercises were known to be extremely effective when trying to shoot off your load further than usual. Completing kegels will make your PC muscles stronger, thus making it easier for you to avoid premature ejaculation. The only trick is to locate your PC muscles.

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Important note: this exercise is only meant to locate the muscles. Exercising can be done anywhere, and it should be done many times during the day. Another very easy technique is to just stop your sperm just before you reach orgasm… and then let it go. You can stop the orgasms entirely, by holding for a few seconds, then you can pull out and squeeze the tip of your penis and hold until the urge passes.

Continue having sex and then repeat the process. The key here is not to squeeze too hard, but rather to match your squeeze with the natural spasm that occurs during ejaculation. You can practice by masturbating before you try it out with your lady friend. Consistent practice will yield terrificbut you should stick to the techniques and tips listed above.

If you stick to these, you can be certain that both you and your partner will reap the benefits and have a lot of fun in the process. You can also holistically try to accomplish better ejaculation with jing. What is jing? Modern Man. Latest Posts. One of the most precious things we have in life is time. Strategies for Sports Betting Like a Boss.

How to do a cum shot

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