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February is over, which means we're all horny after a long winter. Spring and summer are amazing; there's so much booze, so many rooftops and so few rules to abide by. And what better way to get things started than with a few nudes?

You get to stay cosy in bed while sending out feelers. So, in celebration of March — in like a lion — here are a bunch of really fucked up, embarrassing, sexy stories about real girls' nudes:. Anyway, about a year and a half ago, I was doing some homework at a cafe and was obviously procrastinating and going through those photos.

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I immediately turned off my wifi and turned airplane mode on my phone on, but it was too late. I screamed at the top of my lungs and ran out of the coffee shop! The barista literally chased after me because he thought something terrible had happened. And then this OTHER dude who I've never hooked up with and is currently with one of my best friends snapped me some stupid ass shit like him playing the guitar and I accidentally responded with a full-on video of me shoving an electric toothbrush inside of myself.

Before the age of sending nudes, I sent a fully descriptive text to my bf at the time explaining what I'd bought and what I planned to do to him whilst wearing it.

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I thought it was odd that he didn't reply, and I later got a text from girls nude stories dad saying thanks for the birthday wishes, completely glossing over the fact that I accidentally sent it to him instead. We've not mentioned it since, but I'm dying inside just thinking of it still. It was Thanksgiving and I was texting my dad who was two rooms over and I was also texting my boyfriend who had gone home for the night. I mixed up the text messages and sent my nudes to my dad instead of my boyfriend, realized my mistake, screamed, ran to his room.

He claims he didn't get anything from me, which is my d way of saying "I saw it girls nude stories I'm going to pretend that I didn't," and it was never discussed it again. My boyfriend took a bunch of ridiculously raunchy nudes of me with a Polaroid camera in high school, and his grandma was cleaning his room and my boyfriend kind of just had them out and it was very obvious she came across them and was horrified. My nudes got sent around in high school a lot because I made a lot of enemies.

My brother was a freshman when I was a senior and one day he pissed off the wrong people so to get back at my brother, they spammed him with nudes of me. I looked back at my phone only to realize I sent it to my lovely and married boss by accident because they have the same name. We would text all the time and send each other pics sometimes, too. That was the end of that relationship. I was sloppy drunk in high school sophomore year and I wanted to send a nude to someone super random online, because boredom.

And this kid who I had no interest in was messaging me at the same time iChat days so all of the people you were talking too were in the same messenger just different tabsand just so happens he was asking for a picture of my tits. Literally my current boyfriend was like yeah I got that picture of you too. So I took it, then I took a real Xanax unlaced, blessedly and immediately fell asleep.

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I was so shook. I pussied out and pretended I wasn't home. I was wearing no makeup, I made a double chin face, crossed my eyes, and posed with my stomach out to be funny. Turns out I sent it to the dude I was supposed to see that weekend. I never got to show him the lingerie in person. I had just gotten done with an extremely great date and we decided to take it back to his place. I was the most blissed-out kind of drunk imaginable, and feeling super loved-up and cozy. I was in his bed naked while he ran to the bodega to pick up a few things for the night, and I tried to send a Snapchat to my friend Ernest with the caption "He's getting condoms and beeeeer.

What I didn't notice was that my tits were out. Like 45 girls nude stories watched it and no one told me.

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Later I asked a friend why he didn't tell me and he just said, "I thought tits out was just your brand. One night my boyfriend and I were drunk and he posted a nude of both of us — like him grabbing my ass in this full body mirror and I was just in a thong and he was in tight boxers with a boner — and he posted it on his Insta story. Like all these people he worked with saw it he works at a high security clearance job and then he quickly deleted it but the next day at work got pretty awkward, but people did congratulate him on my ass.

Personally, I do not condone remaining friends with an ex but occasionally you have no other choice unless you're willing to risk losing all your friends along with them. Maybe you've been dating since high school, maybe your sorority and his frat mixed in college, or maybe your post-college lives are just so deeply intertwined….

You 22 M are in a wonderful relationship with your girlfriend 21 F of five years. Girls nude stories adore her to pieces and you intend to ask for her hand in marriage soon. She is your light, your universe, your everything. And one day she will be your wife and mother of your children. You take…. Do you ever remember embarrassing moments from your past and feel an intense full body cringe come on, as if you were back in it, living that exact moment again?

Like the time in the 6th grade you told Tyler you had a crush on him, and then he told the entire class you were….

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Girls nude stories

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