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This article is all about Snapchat Snapcodes. Are you using Snapchat to connect with your friends and querying about how to connect with friends? By scanning the Snapcodes you can easily connect with your friends and this feature makes Snapchat the more securing and personalizing platform. The Snapchat Snapcodes are usually a scan-able code so that the adding of friends and contacts can be done in the Snapchat app. These codes are unique for every individual and are highly secured. A person can be able to connect with you or can view your snaps and stories funny snapcodes the Snapchat by scanning these codes.

These Snapcodes are generated in such a way that, a funny snapcodes or an animated selfie can be available in the midst of a ghost symbol and these animated selfies differ from user to user and by this, the Snapcodes are unique for everyone. The Snapchat Snapcodes architecture is constituted of three layers. They are Ghost layer, Code layer, and Frame. Code layer varies from user to user and this is essential to generate a unique code. These codes are graphically strong and very attractive.

These Snapcodes are sometimes funny too. Because of three layered architecture, the look and feel are very interesting. You can add friends or follow anyone in the Snapchat through this simple and easy option. It lets you add your friends very quickly. But you have to enter the username very precisely and accurately. So, Add by Snapcode eliminates all such problems by the following uniqueness in generating the codes. Also read: Dr. As already mentioned one can follow someone easily by scanning the Snapcode, this process can be done in two ways.

Using the camera, scanning the Snapcode is just like scanning a barcode of any product or so. Follow the steps below to scan the Snapchat Snapcodes using the camera. Step1: Initially, open the camera of your gadget through the Snapchat app. Step2: Point the Camera at the Snapcode. Press and hold over the Snapcode for a while.

In Snapchat provision also made to add the friends by using the photo of the Snapcode.

Step1: Primarily, care has to be taken while using the photos of the Snapcode. Download the Snapcode only from the official download option in the app. Step2: Open the app and select ghost icon at the top middle of the home screen. Step3: Click on add friends and in that select add by Snapcode.

Step4: Then the Snapcode photo from your album and by this, the process would be completed. Although Snapchat provides unique Snapcode constituting of templates and different images, you can also customize it by using selfies. By inserting selfies instead of the conventional templates provided by the Snapchat, you can customize the things. This customization of Snapcode selfies is also an easy process and follows the steps provided to create them. It will automatically take five selfies of you and will generate the Snapcode according to those. These snapchat snapcodes can also be used to unlock Secrect Sanpchat filters.

Funny snapcodes example the power rangers snapchat filter can be unlocked by using a snapcode.

So, by using this option provided in the Snapchat connect with your friends in an easy and simple way. Customize your Snapchat Snapcodes and make fun of using this Snapchat. There are several secret snapchat filters that uses snapcodes to unlock their filters. Try to be more innovative and funny in creating your own Snapcode funny snapcodes share it with your friends to have a better experience. If you are not using snapchat app you can get it from google playstore.

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Everything you need to know about Snapchat Snapcodes by Tipu Rahaman.

Funny snapcodes

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Everything you need to know about Snapchat Snapcodes