Dating a construction worker

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I'm a civil engineerin student working as construction worker. Double mutual hate. Like I can't even Dog19 Yoda. Your going on a date with a person and they tell you about they're job. They say yeah, I give people a place to stay for a living. It's actually kinda fun I really love heights! It feels really special being part of a group that's making something beautiful! They even add- I don't mind dying while working because I'm doing the things I love.

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Yes I'd date this person. Vote A. No I would not date them.

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Vote B. I'd marry them. Vote C. I'd just be friends with em. Vote D. Select age and gender to cast your dating a construction worker. Your age Girl Guy Please select your age. Share Facebook. Would you date a construction worker? Add Opinion. It is a well paying job, involving real skill, hard work, and is utterly necessary to the very existence of civilization.

And while on-the-job injuries and deaths happen, they are hardly rampant. I would not dismiss the possibility of someone just because this was their job. And I'd be willing to bet many who would do so more because they think very low of such "menial" work. People who think along those lines are the ones who bother me, and who I would never date.

I did it for about 20 years but I never felt it worth during for lol. I liked it well enough and still do the carpentry aspects as well as the electrical wiring. I don't hang off buildings or ride machinery like organ diner in that pic. I still believe dating a construction worker works and that pain does in fact hurts. Azara Guru. LittleSally 1. Except the part where he doesn't mind dying Then I'd think twice about it. Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Would you date a girl who works as a construction worker? Would you date a man who is a construction worker?

I prefer to avoid other trans people. Can you fault me for it? Sort Girls First Guys First. But if their fall arrest system is checked everyday for proper condition, there is really no worry. However that excavator in the building is disturbing. Which country is that being done in? They looking for problems. AllThatSweetJazz 2. The way they phrased it would come across as a bit arrogant. Like jeez, give it a rest. Unless there's a picture of them looking attractive in there then these pics don't really influence my attraction or the choice to date them.

So the question doesn't make a ton of sense to me, I never look at people as their job. Probably try and be friends because it doesn't hurt to network. Krator Xper 1. I'm a civil engineering student and work as contruction worker in the summers. I have never felt inferior because of it. It made me physically kind of tough actually. Not a lot of women are construction workers. So, I can't say that I would be able to if I wanted to. But I guess I would if I could. I don't want be a widower!

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Yes i would if i was attracted to him. Vote B x Show All Show Less. CougarBoss Xper 5. I'm right there with you :. CountryBadAss Xper 4. Kinda, but I love white collar guys!! Great I'm as white collar as white collar can be ;P. Related myTakes. Surviving the ro of Italy.

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Part 1. Italy won and England had to do this Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Learn more. Yes No.

Dating a construction worker

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