Collar fetish

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You're a jealous type of partner. You want all her attention to be yours and You have been the dominant one in your relationship. Although you feel great In life, you always have a choice. Being dominant is a choice, but when you a Having a pet cat brings you so much joy. But other than relieving your stress Get your wild pet playing come to a collar fetish circle and add our Sweet Fondle Leat We are now in the s; slavery has already been abolished. Yet still, there Are you looking for that one stand-out accessory? That one stunning jewel tha Sex is a game of pleasure and control.

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If your chemi Get your sexual act together and be the best erotic vixen you can be. Let our Are you fascinated by cats? Well, we all are! Cats are cute, sweet but indepe Do you love to purr, meow, and claw? If your spirit animal is a cat, then you Your Little Pet deserves to get all the love in the world, so why not give he Sometimes, wearing a collar fetish or a tail plug is not enough to spice up your pe Take a trip with us and take your lover into a place where sensual fantasies Every pet deserves to be treated well and pampered.

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So, why not give your Lit Our P Show your partner what true love is with our Restraints of Passion Leather Co Has your little puppy been so naughty and unruly lately that you feel like yo Be the good pet your master wants you to be with our Master's Property Laced When your intimate moments with your lover are not as exciting as before, collar fetish Getting bored of the usual vanilla sex? Spice it up with an interesting role Reality can sometimes be overwhelming with all the stress and obligations tha Do you wish to become a spoiled and pampered pet?

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Maybe you want to be an obe Submission and satisfaction—for you, they come hand-in-hand. You can't possib Want to submit yourself and be a good pet? Maybe you'd like to be in control Some say that black is the color of seduction, but for you, it's the color of Fetishes can take on many different forms for each of us. What we enjoy is what makes us individual, unique and special.

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Once of the more popular fetishes that has appeared in recent years involves a simple strip of fabric. The collar. While your pets might have a collar with a rather simple purpose, to hold a name tag, humans wear collars for a massive range of reason.

These reasons can have varying levels of ificance among different communities. In its simplest form, a collar fetish is being sexually aroused by the wearing of a collar. This can be either wearing one yourself, or seeing someone else wearing them. In reality though, collars are much more complex, having a huge range of meanings to each person or couple using them. Each couple will have their own personal feelings, and they can be unique to them. Without needing to go into too much of the BDSM detail, wearing a collar can be a fun thing to try in the bedroom.

It can play a role in any bondage or roleplaying scenarios you want to try out. You could also wear one around your house, or even out and about. Necklaces often given to partners can bring forth the same feelings, and in some ways, are very similar to collars.

Some collars are worn collar fetish denote ownership, much like they are with pets. Usually in collar fetish case, there will be a dominant partner and a submissive partner. The submissive partner will wear the collar, and it often bestowed upon them by the dominant. This kind of collar wear is a common occurrence within the BDSM community. The use of collars in the BDSM community is very complex, and often open to raging debates on the correct use. Others take it much more seriously, with some submissives wearing their collars permanently as a symbol of the relationship being for life.

Almost all who wear collars though wear them proudly, expressing to the world that they are part of the BDSM community. For the person giving the collar, it ifies ownership and protection. For the wearer, receiving and wearing a collar is a pledge to always try to serve the master to the best of their abilities.

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To people outside the relationship, the collar serves as a permanent reminder of the commitment the pair have made to each other. The collar to all parties involved is a serious, and somewhat romantic way for two people to show their commitment to each other. The gifting of a collar can be very symbolic, occurring during an elaborate ritual sometimes akin to marriage and weddings. It can be part of a three-stage process, which some members of the BDSM community follow.

The first collar would be roughly equivalent to a pre- engagement ring. This collar ifies a relationship that is being considered, but could be removed at any point ending the relationship. Neither party would feel any ill will should this happen. It is usually called the collar of consideration.

The training collar is the next step. This is similar to an engagement ring. It ifies that a relationship has grown more serious, and the submissive partner is being trained to serve the dominant to the standard they expect. The relationship can still be broken at this collar fetish, but it is considered much more serious and emotionally painful. The final stage is the slave collar.

This is the equivalent of a wedding ring and ifies that the submissive has become formally submitted to their dominant. Some consider this collar to be permanent, and only able to be broken by the dominant partner releasing the submissive partner, but this will usually take exceptional circumstances.

While most types of contract can be broken by a failing of one party, the contract established by the collar is different. Should there be a failing, it is considered a failing of both parties due to the nature of the relationship. This means a simple break of contract is not enough to break a collar, and it takes something much more serious. Similarly, to the progression from engagement ring to wedding ring, collars will typically become more elaborate as the wearer moves further through the chain. There are also specific colours that are appropriate to specific situations, although due to the highly personal nature of collars it can be hard to find a complete and agreed upon list.

These can be for a specific gathering or situation, to symbolise that they are under the protection of another person during the event. Or they can be a symbol to others, showing that they are a part of the community and identify as a submissive, but currently are looking for a dominant partner. Another common area you might find people enjoying collars is amongst the community that enjoys petplay.

This quite simply involves taking on the role of an animal or pet, and exploring the relationship with an owner or master. Some pets make natural sense to use collars with, such as those enjoying collar fetish roleplay or dog roleplay. But pretty much any animal can be collared, with the collar fetish exotic options like foxeswolves, raccoons and bunnies all possible.

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