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By Mark Bendeich. The video, in which the moaning and shaking prisoner is struck six times, has spread quickly across the Internet, capturing headlines in the Web sites of some European newspapers and forcing the Malaysian government on to the defensive.

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He said the video was an official recording that had been leaked onto the Internet. The video had been produced for deterrent purposes, with excerpts shown during anti-narcotic education sessions to would-be drug dealers, he added.

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Somehow somebody must have taped copied it. Malaysia is not alone in caning criminals, which critics say breaches human rights norms, including the U. Convention Against Torture. Neighbouring Singapore also wields the ratan stick and caused a U.

The government denied use of the cane was widespread against illegal immigrants and Deputy Internal Security Minister Fu said it was reserved mainly for the traffickers of illegal immigrants in addition to drug-traffickers and violent criminals. Crime is seen as a major electoral issue in the run-up to a possible early general election, expected early next year.

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Caning sites

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Malaysia defends caning after video hits Internet