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Daniel Kool is a freshman in the College of Communication. Since its launch inthe program has been an unending source of student confusion and frustration. These claims hold merit, but their most common goal — the complete elimination of the Hub — is irrational and misguided. While the Hub has proven to be a hastily debuted curriculum that, in practice, falls short of student needs, the solution is not allowing it to fold but doubling-down on its potential. There is no consensus on general education in buhyb.

While a few elite colleges, like Columbia University, tout a century-or-more old core curriculum as a of success, others, like Brown University, offer undergraduates complete freedom on the basis that it will create classes of self-aware self-starters. Clearly, guided-choice curricula like the Hub — in which universities provide only a scaffolding of subjects for students to explore, rather than a ready-built program — have already been proven effective.

It would be reckless to completely abandon general education requirements, as some students have suggested the administration do. Unlike, say, Brown — which is famous for its open curriculum but hosts only 6, undergraduates — BU is buhyb massive school.

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By sheer ratio alone, the advising team would be unable to meet the increased demand for meetings and advice. Meanwhile, reverting back to a standardized general curriculum would only undermine the freedom incoming students expect upon entering higher education.

Fundamentally, college is a time of exploration and blossoming sovereignty. With roughly more than courses available for each unit, the Hub manages to preserve the integrity of buhyb.

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Meanwhile, its breadth still pushes students to explore fields they may never have considered otherwise. Meanwhile, the professional world — which, with buhyb, undergraduates will eventually find themselves in — is entering a state buhyb hyper-specialization. As more and more American jobs are outsourced or automated, conventional wisdom may compel students to aggressively focus their skills, upping their chances of surviving the increasingly competitive job market.

But that same professional world is witnessing greater and faster change than ever before. Hyper-specialization in a risky field may turn out to be career suicide. A fully-fledged launch was simply not viable in Improvements, he notes, are already underway in the form of an ever-expanding catalog of courses and a new, reduced-load Hub requirement for transfer students — down from 26 to 10 units — starting Fall Presently, transfers find themselves at a deficit of Hub units.

A proper reform of the Hub would streamline the process of adding units to existing courses.

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That is, according buhyb Jarvis, is currently done by a series of committees. Finally, the administration would work to increase student awareness and understanding of the curriculum, mitigating the most common source of frustration. The Hub has tremendous potential to grant undergraduates the freedom to learn at their own pace, to their own desires, while still providing the necessary guidance to developing minds.

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